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UDAcademe is a faculty activity records management system that provides a single convenient place for faculty members to archive their achievements. UDAcademe saves the faculty member significant time and reduces interruption by having a single place for faculty information. Faculty data, activities and achievements are loaded into UDAcademe from University HRIS and UDSIS systems, bibliographic databases, and by the faculty member. Once entered into the system that information can be reused for CVs, Bios, Annual Performance Appraisals, P&T and other reviews.


System Benefits


UDAcademe will provide a wide range of benefits to faculty, staff and departments, which include:


Bringing information into a central repository
  • Reduces need for multiple entry of information (enter an item one time and use it in multiple places).
  • Eliminates the need to enter data already available on courses, grants, and other activities.
  • Obtains citation information on publications from databases such as JSTOR, Web of Science, and PubMed
  • Improves comprehensiveness and currency of listings
  • ¬†Flexible citation formats and customizable outputs
Creating and storing faculty activity artifacts
  • High quality (and multiple format) digital curriculum vitae, with an intuitive interface, embedded links and flexible formats
  • Collaborator information for grant applications (forthcoming)
  • Bio sketches
  • Ability to archive presentations, creative works, and research data
  • Integration with UDSpace for open access archiving of scholarship. UDSpace archived material can be linked to UDAcademe.

Learn more about how to use UDAcademe, and the benefits of the system.