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What is UDAcademe?


UDAcademe is a faculty activity records management system that provides a single convenient place for faculty members to archive their achievements. Faculty members input their data about teaching, research, service, and other activities that are reported as part of the annual review process. Profile information, course data, and research/grants data are being brought into UDAcademe from campus systems. Scholarly accomplishments are loaded into the system from Academic Analytics™, and can easily be imported from other bibliographic sources.


What is the Benefit to Faculty?


Faculty members can generate custom CVs and bio sketches, as well as standard bio sketches for NSF and NIH proposals. Academic departments and colleges can configure their website bios to automatically update from faculty achievements in UDAcademe.


The UDAcademe system facilitates the annual review, contract renewal, and promotion and tenure workflow process. Faculty can generate documents for review committees, and can view the annual review summary documents that are generated.  UDAcademe saves faculty time because once they input information once, the university can use that information without having to repeatedly ask the faculty.


The system is secure and applies the same row level securities as are applied in the UD Human Resources information systems. UD faculty annual appraisal forms and the appraisal workflow process have been designed and pilot implementation is underway.


UDAcademe has built in reports for accreditation reviews including:

•    Middle States
•    AACSB
•    ABET


Additional accreditation reports are being developed for

•    Physical Therapy
•    Nursing
•    Medical Laboratory Sciences
•    Carnegie Community Engagement Classification


What is the UDAcademe platform?


UDAcademe is supported by Faculty180, a software service provided by Data180. Faculty180 was created by faculty for faculty and continues to be developed and operated by the founding CEO and CTO, both previous faculty and department chairs.


How are UDAcademe and University of Delaware data systems integrated?


Preparation of UDAcademe began in June 2015. Initial efforts included configuring the Faculty180 system to the University of Delaware organizational structure, integration with UD PeopleSoft HR Information Systems and Student Systems. Faculty data has been loaded from UD HRIS and courses taught data has been loaded from UDSIS. Data transfer has been standardized and scheduled.
To help UD Faculty transition to the new system, the following data has already been imported from campus systems:


Current Data in UDAcademe
• Demographic information
• Office address
• Email address
• Current position title (primary and secondary appointments)
• Position start date
• Academic rank, tenure
• Scholarship data from Academic Analytics from 2004 – present
• Course data from Spring 2015-present


Additional Data
Other data that will be coming soon includes:
• Sponsored Projects grants data from UD Grants database.
• Course Evaluation reports


Faculty members are also be able to import scholarship data:
• Search and import data from Pubmed and Web of Science
• Import data from Google Scholar and other reference management tools