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UDAcademe Committees


The UDAcademe project has four distinct leadership, advisory and operational committees comprised of faculty, staff and a variety of stakeholders from colleges across campus to guide the development and implementation of UDAcademe for university-wide use.


UDAcademe Institutional Governance Board – serves as the primary stakeholder for the Faculty180 and mandates how the system will be used for the institution.  This committee meets on a periodic basis to consider applications of Faculty180 and to make key decisions governing the application of Faculty180 at UD.


UDAcademe Implementation Task Force – began work in the summer 2015 to prepare Faculty180 for implementation at UD.  The task force worked to identify and resolve issues of integration of Faculty180 with the Human Resources Information System and with UDSIS.  College and University representatives identified reporting needs and have coordinated the customization of Faculty180 to meet the information collection and reporting needs of departments within their colleges. As UDAcademe launches in spring 2016, the implementation task force will disband and will morph into the Operations Working Group.


UDAcademe Operations Working Group – will become a standing working group to maintain the operations of UDAcademe over time.  Some members of the Implementation Task Force will continue on the Operations Working Group and new members will be added.  The UDAcademe Governance Board is responsible for selecting and charging the Operations Working Group.


UDAcademe Faculty Advisory Committee – provides formative input to the UDAcademe Govenance Board and the Operations Working Group from a faculty perspective. This committee is being developed and will be initiated in spring 2016.  Faculty wishing to volunteer to serve on the UDAcademe Faculty Advisory Committee are encouraged to contact John Sawyer.