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1. Why was the project initiated?


Multiple factors:

  • Errors in HR data go undetected because Faculty cannot easily see what is on record for them.
  • Faculty are asked multiple times to provide the same information.
  • Employee Demographic Data webform is unusable
  • Need for University to be able to access information on faculty expertise and activities, e.g.:
    • Accreditations
    • Carnegie Engaged University recognition
    • UD Experts database
  • Strategic initiative assessment, tracking and analysis e.g.;
    • Diversity improvement effort
    • Equity analysis
    • Delaware Will Shine initiatives
  • Electronic P & T Dossiers and workflow process control

2. Under what authority is this being deployed?




3. Will the Faculty Handbook be changed?


We do not anticipate this system changing anything that is specified in the handbook. If during the implementation of the system if an option is considered that would be in conflict with anything in the handbook it will be brought to the Senate for consideration.


4. Did the Faculty Senate vote on this? Do they need to vote on this?


Senate leadership was consulted and they agreed that there is nothing in the planned implementation that is under the purview of the Senate.


5. Will IRE own the data?


The University owns the data. IRE in collaboration with HR are the data stewards.


6. What security is in place to protect highly confidential data?


Data180 security procedures were vetted by UD IT personnel and determined to meet or exceed UD data security standards.

  • Access is via Central Authentication System (CAS)
  • UD HR row level security is applied
  • What data is and is not in Faculty 180?
    • NO SSN’s
    • NO Salary Data
    • Performance Appraisal data will be in the system and access is controlled with the same row level security as exists in HRIS (PeopleSoft)

7. Who has access to information in the system?


  • Faculty can see their own data and elements of data that are made public through their Department and/or College website (e.g., Web bio)
  • Faculty serving on review committees can see material of faculty member their review planned in the review dossier
  • Department Chairs (and their designated administrative assistant) can see data for faculty within their own department but not others.
  • Deans (and their designated admin) can see faculty date within their college, but not other colleges
  • UD administrators

8. How will the faculty know what is secured and what is not?


Same way they currently know it.

  • Trust Human Resources and Information Technology.
  • Verify: If you can see an item of your own data, but cannot see the same item in a colleague’s data, then it is secure.


Any additional questions or assistance needed, please email UDAcademe.